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Thighmaster · 2005

If you want to be worshipped go to India and moo

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Cart Number: SC692630
Title: hmmm
Date: 02/19/09

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Tell me what I'm missing. I feel like this is too cheap for a pretty decent computer. (I have a keyboard/mouse/monitor)

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For the current season of survivorlj, SLJ15: The Oregon Trail, Andrea is hosting a challenge somewhat related to "mad-libs," in which the contestants are asked to guess what the most common answers were to a set of diary entries from actual Oregon Trail travelers.

Basically, Andrea just needs you to fill in the blanks, however you want. The comments to this post are screened, so only Andrea will see your answers. PLEASE HELP ANDREA OUT! Thanks =D

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I found my life in comic form...

Woo college!

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Ski above/in a cloud. Check.

Pictures to come when I figure out how to get them off my phone.

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EDIT: Its Obama time now.
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Fourier Methods is not an easy class. Roger just decided to extend the final for an hour, so now we have a 3 hour final. Ack.

I have to re-write my senior thesis this week. I also have to do something for my masters thesis because I have to talk to some guy visiting next week about my project, and I need something to talk about.

Weeee stress.

So I'm done with my BS in two weeks? Man school flew by.

I'm an official CIS grad student starting December 1st, and my first act as a grad student will be flying to Utah and presenting to the DoE on the work I've been doing.


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Anyone out there know how to play bridge?
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How am I constantly able to stress myself out.

I have a headache.

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